DDM firewood processor - european dealer of Hahn

  • 'Fast and  Efficient'
    The DDM firewood-processor 'Fast and Efficient'
  •  'Be more Productive'
    The DDM firewood-processor 'Be more Productive'
  • 'One-man operation'
    The DDM firewood-processor 'One-man operation'
  • 'Easy to mount to your machines'
    The DDM firewood-processor 'Easy to mount to your machines'
  • Easy to mount to your current machine
  • One-man operation
  • Productive
  • Fast
  • Efficient

Check out the video of the firewood processor and explore all features in the photo gallery.
Or check the technical specifications and pricing.

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Installation and Operation:

  • Operation through pushbuttons
  • Demountable mounted on existing
    operation handles
  • Adapter sheet mounted for assembly
    of desired machine connection
  • Lubrication of chainsaw through pump
    wih a 9.5 liter reservoir
  • Hydraulic height adjustable wedge
  • Wedge available in different sizes
  • Machine with CE approval


DDM Firewood-Processor ddm-firewood-processor-photos


DDM Firewood-Processor ddm-firewood-processor-video


DDM Firewood-Processor ddm-firewood-processor-specs